Hacktoberfest and Open Source goals

Now that we are somewhat comfortable with Github, Git and practice contributing to our peer's Open Source projects. Its time to hit the big leagues. Well, more like little leagues (one step at a time). I'm talking about HacktoberFest 2019! It's a one-month-long Open-Source festival that allows contribution to lots of projects. It welcomes contributors and maintainers from all over the globe and skill level. I, for one, will be participating as a beginner contributor.  They actually have a separate starter guide for beginners with An introduction to Open Source page and the basics of pull requests page. Oh, I forgot to mention, you can win a limited edition HacktoberFest t-shirt if you register(free) and make 4 pull requests.

Registration is through your GitHub account

The organizers make it easier for a beginner like me to get started by providing links like first-timers-only which help you you find great beginner issues.

The 3 issues I want to work on during the month of October are:

  1. Fix Multiple select arrow
  2. Scroll to the invalid field when an interactive dialog fails validation.
  3. Update Theming Guide in README.md

I feel like these three issues for my skill level are possible to figure out. All three of the issues are based on JavaScript and HTML languages. Web development languages I am comfortable with. Now that I have narrowed down my issues. It is always great to have some personal goals to strive for during this project. The two goals that I want to work on are:

  1.  Learn more about how to use git.
This is my first semester playing around with Git and Github. It is a useful tool if you know how to navigate around it. If you struggle to use Git and Github, you will have a hard time working on Dev project in your future career. 

      2. Do something that seems hard or scary to you right now.

I personally have never been great at programming and with this task, I'm actually going to be contributing to working live projects. It can be a little overwhelming. I will only get over this lack of confidence by diving right into this. 

With HacktoberFest starting soon. I have picked three issues that I'm excited to fix while working on my 2 personal goals. Wish me luck!


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