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A Close To Open-Source

This will be my final blog post for  DPS909 . The open-source course offered by Seneca College. This course has given me an insight on the open-source world. Where it is located (Github). How licensing and ownership works. How to become a contributor in the open source community. Using tools like Git that help with the contribution process. Finally, this course has introduced me to the world of blogging. Being able to share my experiences with others. For our final assignment (Release 4.0) we are tasked to: 1. Find a big project to contribute to (external issue). So this task was tough for me because of my low confidence in my programming ability. Even though, the successful completion of this exercise does not require our pull request to merge into the project we work on. I found a great project under the Uber open source umbrella called  baseweb . Baseweb is a design system compromised of modern, responsive, living components in react. The  issues#2165  specified a bug

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