1st Hacktober Fest Contribution

The leaves are changing colors, and the weather is getting chilly. Yes, October has started and so has t Hacktober Fest. As I mentioned in my previous Blog "Hacktoberfest and Open Source goals", we have to make 4 pull requests and contribute in the month of October to actual open-source projects on GitHub.

This Blog is all about my 1st contribution and how I went about it. It was tough picking my first project to work on. I quickly discovered that there are many to chose from on GitHub. The only thing I was settled on was that my first contribution had to be easy. This will ensure I get comfortable and confident with the contribution process.

To my luck, I found a neat project in GitHub called ultimate-cheatsheet. The maintainer of the project wants to create a cheat sheet of different topics in languages like JavaScript, React, TypeScript and CSS. Some topics under JavaScript include Array, Function, String and many more.

The Issue:

The pull request:

The maintainer wanted the open-source community to contribute their basic knowledge on the above-mentioned topics. I offered to help him with the conditional topic in Javascript.

Conditional Statment chest sheet contribution

When I was done with creating a conditional statement cheatsheet.  I sent him a detailed pull request for my work. He liked it and merged my branch into his Master. I am very proud of my first contribution. I am more confident in my ability to work on open-source projects. Also glad my pull request was accepted.


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