Second and third Hacktober Contribution

This blog is all about my second and third real open-source contributions as part of the Hacktober Fest 2019 challenge.

Second Contribution:

My second contribution was much different from my first PR. Let us recall my first contribution was to submit a JavaScript Conditional statement cheat sheet in the format of a .md file. This time around I found something more challenging but attainable.

Rhymus UI
Rhymus, is an open-source rhyming game project designed for new developers and contributors to open source. The game displays cards with sentences on the screen which contain a word that does not belong and needs to replaced with the right word. The word that does not belong rhymes with the correct word.

I added three new rhymes to the puzzles.js files. The Maintainer actually requested some "changes" which was a new GitHub concept to me and after successfully pushing those changes, my contribution was merged into the master repo.

The Issue:

The pull request:

Third Contribution: 

Now that I was familiar and more comfortable with adding code to a running JavaScript application because of my second contribution. It was time to take it to the next level by creating something from scratch and contributing. So I found this project dedicated to Hacktoberfest called Hacktoberfest-animations which encourages new open source contributors to animate their own Hacktober fest fonts using CSS. This task gave me the opportunity to show off my CSS animation skills.

The Issue:

The pull request:

This task was by far the most fun because I could be creative and play around with different CSS libraries. The CSS library I chose to create my animation is called @keyframes which defines the style that will be applied for the moment within the animation. The font I picked was "font-family: Pacifico and cursive look". The text colour changes from yellow to gradient pastel green from left to right and the right to left every 5 seconds. I call it cool-breeze.


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